Did the Leafs get the memo?

So here’s a half-assed little spiel on the Bruins-Leafs round one series thus far. I’m really just throwing this on the ol’ blog as an ice breaker.

It’s game three of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Toronto hasn’t even shown up.

With the series now shifting scenes north of the border we’ll see if Mike Babcock’s team can turn over a new leaf (see what I did there?).

Boston is pounding Toronto through two games, outscoring them 12-4. In each of the first two games the Leafs showed a little life in the 2nd period but with sloppy starts they’ve put themselves into deep holes that only Stanley Yelnats could get out of.

The combination of energy and flat out skill from the Bruins has thrown Toronto against the ropes but the series is far from over. It’s well known that a series is far from won until one team beats the other on their home ice, tonight the Bruins can do that. But will they?

I’d be shocked if the B’s come into Toronto and continues to smack the Leafs around. I expect them to win this series in five games (some respect to Toronto, they’re better than this). So I’d predict the Leafs to grind out a win tonight, possibly an overtime game. However if the Bruins win tonight, even in a close game, this series is going to be a sweep.

The Leafs didn’t show any life in Boston and if they go down 0-3 they’ll have no hope or motivation at all on that side, essentially waving the white flag. Speaking of waving white flags the Air Canada Centre will be handing out white towels for the fans to wave around tonight with their motto “Stand Witness” printed on them.

With a loss tonight, game four’s towel might read “Stand Witness to Disappointment”.

For much of the media out there it seems the story of this series has been how soft Toronto is. When will the Bruins finally get credit? The Bergeron line has never played better, David Pastrnak looks like an early Conn Smythe candidate, and even Tuukka Rask has played great in net. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Felger and Mazz.

Anyways, it’d be nice to see the B’s get the recognition they deserve but maybe that just won’t come until they raise the silver hardware in June. Right now that looks very likely.


Update: As I type this it’s the intermission between period one and two and holy hell the Leafs brought it in period one.

Toronto is up 1-0 and their fans are foaming at the mouths like rabid dogs. The goal came after a somewhat BS delay of game call on Riley Nash, so it’s whatever. I expect the B’s to get back into this game but like I said earlier, this is the Leafs game to win.

Go B’s.

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