Who are we and Why are we here?

No one special
and I have no real idea, to be honest.

That is probably the best answer I can give to answer that question but, for the sake of the Blog, I’m going to delve a bit deeper into it.

I’m Dallan and I am the co-writer/designer/producer/director/etc. for The Outpost alongside my pal AJ (who I am sure you will hear from soon). If you’ve never heard of The Outpost, well that’s fine because this is our first blog post and there is a relatively high chance that you are also our first reader other than my mom.

AJ and I met at college and have been close friends for the past few years, and over that time, we’ve had probably discussed creating a media outlet for our discussions over 100 times. We came close to creating this outlet at college with our Vlog, Behind 204, which lasted three episodes before we realized we didn’t do anything exciting enough to warrant a vlog.

So now it’s time for our second endeavor into this journey with our Blog and I am hoping for a more promising outcome. Luckily for us, we don’t actually have to do anything exciting ourselves, we can just discuss and complain about the exciting things that other people do. And that is exactly why we are here.

AJ and I love to talk about the latest in Sports, Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, and sometimes other bullshit that we come across along the way. Most of it is nonsensical babbling but there’s a chance someone out there will appreciate what we have to say. Maybe you are that someone?

With all of that being said, we are excited to start getting our blog posts out there for you to read and we encourage any feedback that you may have (unless it’s negative because AJ is a very fragile man). So stick around with us at The Outpost for, hopefully, many more posts!




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