Business as Usual: Patriots fans, stop worrying. My thoughts on the 2018 Offseason so far.


Jimmy Garrapollo traded.

Alex Guerrero and TB12 blacklisted from the team.

Rob Gronkowski retiring?

Brady-Belichick-Kraft power struggle.

Key offseason departures.

What does it all mean for the New England Patriots?

Patriots fans, take a breath. Patriots haters, and there are plenty of you, stop celebrating. Everything is business as usual. The dynasty is not crumbling, not yet.

This offseason has been a tension-filled time for Patriots fans amidst all of the stories, rumors, and “turmoil” being spread about the team. Thank you Seth Wickersham for getting that ball rolling. But is it much more than a story? Maybe, maybe not. But I would be willing to bet that it is business as usual at 1 Patriot Place.

Do I believe that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have a rift growing? No. I believe they are like a married couple. You fight, you bicker, and sometimes you want to check out that good looking pool boy (Jimmy Garrapollo), but in the end, you’ve been through too much over the past 20 years to just call it quits. Take the offseason to shake off that Super Bowl loss, kiss and makeup, and get back to the grind. 2018 is a new season.

Speaking of that good looking pool boy, let’s touch on Jimmy G quickly. I do believe Belichick wanted to keep Garrapollo, but would he have been able to? Tom Brady just won MVP, the reigns are not ready to be handed over yet, and we have season less appealing quarterbacks get more money on the open market than Garrapollo would have been looking at. So would the Patriots really have been able to hold on to Garrapollo? Almost certainly no. So Belichick’s hand was forced to trade the young gunslinger to the 49ers for a 2nd Round Pick; a low return but it was better than nothing.  This trade was not done because Brady felt threatened and cried to Robert Kraft about it, it just didn’t.

And then there is Free Agency.

Wow! A successful team lost some good players, it must be because Belichick is an Asshole.

Good teams lose good players and Bill Belichick has always been an asshole. Once again, it’s business as usual.

Nate Solder was a surprising loss. But the departures of Dion Lewis, Malcolm Butler, and Danny Amendola, while upsetting, didn’t shock me nor are they irreplaceable. One thing I have learned about the Patriots, no one is irreplaceable (except you Tom, I love you).

Then there is trading Brandin Cooks. I LOVE IT. Cooks is a very good player with a ton of potential. But getting a first round pick in return for a player that clearly wasn’t living up to his expectations in New England, yes please.

Do losing these players hurt? Of course they do. But I do believe, as should other Patriots fans, Bill Belichick knows what he is doing and he will find a way to field another strong team. Until the day he doesn’t, I will continue to assume he will.

The panic that everyone is feeling right now is that instead of tooling up and bolstering the roster for another Super Bowl run, the Patriots are in a rebuild.


Yes, a rebuild.

Not a Cleveland Browns rebuild, but more of a facelift. Obviously, the formula of the past few years fizzled out in February 2018. It marked the end of one era of the Patriots and the beginning of a new evolution.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Patriots evolve either. Look over the past 20 years: Stout defense and run game in the early 2000’s, then 5-wide sets and Randy Moss touchdowns, the two tight end sets and bend but don’t break defenses. The Patriots have lived by one motto: Adapt.

By letting go of some key veterans and bringing in young players and draft picks, the Patriots are adapting because their last formula has run its course.

I am excited to see what happens next, and with the NFL Draft only a few days away, I think we are in for a fun ride because we actually have not just one, but two first rounders this year (barring a classic Belichick trade down, TBD)!

Final thoughts on Gronk, the Wide Receivers. and TB12.

Give Gronk some more money, and get him on the field. The man has earned it and he’s the best in the business when on the field.

As for the Wide Recievers, if I hear one more person say the Pats “need” a reciever I am going to freak. Tom Brady and the Patriots don’t “need” a receiver. The Patriots have plenty of depth at the position right now and they are proven playmakers: Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, Malcolm Mitchell, Cordarelle Patterson, and Kenny Britt. We’ve seen Brady do more with less… But I sure wouldn’t mind a certain Dez Bryant in the mix.

As for Alex Guerrero and TB12, what a mess. Tom Brady has his methods, and they work. But at the end of the day, it is still a third-party to the Patriots Organization. Brady is entitled to continue using TB12 if he wants, he’s earned that and other players should be able to as well on their own time, but to have Guerrero on the sideline of games can be an issue. Belichick did the right thing in banning him from being on the sidelines.

Imagine this: a player gets hurt and team doctors, who work for the organization, tell him not to run. Guerrero and TB12 tell that same player to run to help the injury heal. That conflict of interests can cause a divide in itself, so can you blame Belichick for not wanting that occuring? No. No you cannot.

Time to wrap this babble up because my class is about to end (Yes, I spent my entire class time typing this post, sorry teach).

Do you agree or disagree with any of my points? Let me know!






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