The Solo movie (Lando Movie?) is going to be a thrill

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m skeptical about any Star Wars film that isn’t part of the “Skywalker episodes”.

Everyone seemed to love 2016’s Rogue One. But not me.

Don’t get me wrong the movie was fine and I still own it on blue-ray (maybe watched it once..). I can’t really tell you why I didn’t love it. The characters were kind of bleh and the first half seemed pointless. Whatever. I’m not here to talk about Rogue One.

Next month we’re going to get the Solo movie.

At first I felt that this movie was kind of pointless but with the past couple of trailers I’ve been hooked.

It’s not Harrison Ford playing Han so it’s not really Han Solo. But let’s give Alden Ehrenreich a chance here.

My favorite things about the trailers has been two things: the sounds and pace of the music, and Lando.

Lando! Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino seems to have taken Lando and added another layer of swag. I didn’t think it was possible.


Billy Dee Williams, the original Lando, gave Glover one piece of advice, “Just be charming”. He certainly appears to have done that.

The first trailer started out with the best clicking noises I’ve ever heard in my life. Han is switching on the Falcon’s goddamn windshield wipers for all we know and it sounds amazing. After these perfect switch clicks we get this Nirvana esque, gut busting, guitar riff that blows you off your seat. Then Han says, “I’ve been running scams on the streets since I was 10” in like a 90s mobster movie type of voice. Those three things and my excitement was all in.

The second trailer featured much more Lando and wow do I wish I had his closet. We get a look at Lando doing a little gambling and we even see some fight scene where Lando yells “Han!”, in the classic mispronunciation that Lando does, and tosses Han his trusty blaster.

Some may hate Kathleen Kennedy, Disney, and the new direction of Lucasfilm but to those people I say get over it.

If you don’t like the movies then don’t see them. I love how people whine and complain yet they still willingly hand their money over to go see each film.

The Last Jedi was a great film, I don’t care about your opinion and you probably don’t care about mine. But I guess you must care a little because you’re reading this…

The one thing I am afraid of is that Lucasfilm is going to over saturate Star Wars for us, sort of like what Marvel has done with their shit (I still enjoy those movies! Shoutout to Black Panther).

We’re getting a Star Wars movie every year for what seems like the next 100 years. It’s so much! Even a lot of a good thing is bad when it gets to a certain point. That’s a blog for another day though.

I’m hyped for Solo: A Star Wars Story and can’t wait to see Chewie, Lando, and Han get into all sorts of shenanigans. This movie is going to be a hoot.


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