Mike Babcock, Toronto head coach? Or 80s Bond villain?

The beautiful thing about having your team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs is that as a series goes on you find more and more to hate about your opponent.

It’s too bad Toronto head coach Mike Babcock wasn’t an actor in the 80’s because he would’ve had a great chance of being a Bond villain across of the late Roger Moore. Just look at that face.



He can remain calm on the surface but there’s always some sort of hate in his eyes.


When he gets heated he looks like someone just foiled his genius plan.

I’ll be flat out honest here, I don’t know why but I hate this guy’s guts. He seems to be a douche in press conferences, he looks like a douche, and my Boston Bruins are up against him. So screw him.

If his team manages to tie the series tonight against the Bruins I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Boston coach Bruce Cassidy have some sort of exchange like:

Cassidy: “Do you expect us to quit?”

Babcock: “No Mr. Cassidy I expect you to lose!”

Alright, alright, all joking aside. Tonight’s game four matchup in Toronto is a massive game for this series. If the Bruins win they’ll essentially have an insurmountable 3-1 lead over the Leafs, heading back to Boston. A Maple Leaf win ties the series at two games apiece and that could send this series in any direction, especially with Toronto getting Nazem Kadri back for game five.

So I was correct with my game three prediction that Toronto would bring it and grind out a win in that game (pretty much everyone thought that).

I have the Bruins winning this series in five games so that means I have the B’s winning tonight. It’ll be a similar game to game three but the bounces will go Boston’s way tonight.

The Bergeron line (the best line in hockey, don’t @ me) will need to play very well to close out this series but it can’t all rely on them. I think the Krejci line is going to need to do a lot more.

When the Bruins have had deep cup runs (2011, 2013) David Krejci was a huge part of the offense. In game one and two he was very solid and game three he and his line weren’t great. Rick Nash has been nearly invisible to me out there so it’d be nice to see his big frame in and around the net tonight.

Will I be shocked if this series goes six or seven games? Not at all.

Prediction for game four: Bruins 3, Leafs 1

Go B’s

Update: As I was about to post this I got notified that Patrice Bergeron will be out with an upper body injury. Am I worried? Absolutely. Sticking with my pick though. B’s win tonight and B’s win in 5. LFG.

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