Sea of Thieves: Settin’ Sail

Ahoy Readers, let’s chat about Sea of Thieves.

SoT has been out for about a month now and well, it’s been fine. Just fine.


I was hoping this would be the game to consume my free time for awhile, but here I am still waiting for the wind to catch my sails. There just isn’t enough to keep me going.


One man can only do so many monotonous quests.

Sure, it is fun to sail a boat around the high seas; I find it almost therapeutic. And if you have friends to raise anchor with, you’re going to stumble into some pretty hilarious situations. But right now, it is too little to keep you coming back.

“They better add more… and quick.”

Those were my exact words to AJ while playing our first session of SoT. Despite having moments of sheer fun and laughing our asses, off I couldn’t help but spontaneously acknowledging the blatant¬†reality of SoT feeling so empty.

So coming from someone who wants to love this game: Please Rare, start adding content!

I know Rare has released a content roadmap of where they want to go, and what they plan to add, but it’s time to start releasing these updates.

With that being said, I love Rare’s community involvement. They listen and communicate well with their fans, and that gives me hope.

How long should I wait so I can fully enjoy Sea of Thieves?

I ask myself this a lot: How long should I wait before heading back into Sot?

One content update may bring me back to the game for a couple of days, but I want more than a couple of days. As I mentioned before, I want this game to give me weeks of play time.

So it’s more likely that I’ll have to wait a few months for Rare to add enough content to make this game truly worth coming back to. And that, honestly, makes me sad.

I would rather have waited longer for this game to be released than to have the empty, unfinished game we received in March.

Sea of Thieves, I will wait for you because you are a fun game and you have so much potential, but please don’t let me down Rare or else you are walking the plank… or thrown to the skeletons… or fed to the Kraken… we’ll see.



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