This ain’t over yet

It’s been one of the more frustrating hockey series in recent memory but it’s do or die time for the Bruins.

They not only need to win but they need a massive wave of momentum in the series.

In 2010 I witnessed my Boston Bruins collapse to the Philadelphia Flyers. The B’s were up 3-0 in that series and they lost all momentum and collapsed like the Minnesota Vikings’ old dome. It was something that pretty much NEVER happens in any sport.

Teams do come back from 3-1 however and they do it fairly often. Hell, in the last series against Toronto we saw them down 3-1 and come back to force a game 7. If their defense and goalie had any sack then they may have even walked out of TD Garden with the comeback completed.

I bring all this up to shine some hope on the situation.

Sure, the Bruins have been fucked by the refs through four games but we can’t put this all on the refs. Tampa is a hell of a team.

Game five is this afternoon in Tampa and I fully expect the boys to show up and win this game. Call me crazy but I think Tuukka Rask plays better on the road. Maybe it’s the home crowd that makes him tight and nervous or maybe it’s nothing but the dude plays a better game in net on the road and these playoffs back up that statement.

The Bergeron line has been playing well lately but not perfect, I’d like to see more of that Marchand/Pastrnak magic we saw earlier this postseason. The Krejci line is really going to have to step up. In Boston’s game one win over Tampa we saw Rick Nash play his best game in a B’s sweater, scoring two goals and being involved in several plays, need more of that.

Tampa’s defense is dominant and if they get a one or two goal lead like they have the last two games then they can really buckle down back there and make it a frustrating night.

The B’s can’t let that happen again, especially because Tory Krug is out with a likely broken foot/ankle. They need an early lead and they need it bad. I hate the hockey stat that says the first team to score usually wins but hey it’s usually true. In this series it’s been true and in the Toronto series it was true for the majority of the games.

I’m currently writing this blog on my phone of all things, I’m literally all thumbs at the moment. So I’ll toss my prediction down there and head out for a late breakfast. (Btw I’m 3-0 on predictions this postseason and one of those the score was exact, humble brag? Maybe.)




Let’s go B’s.

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