Avenging the Red Super Bowl

The hope of seeing Boston hoist another Stanley Cup has been ripped from our chests like something out of Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Not to say we’re jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon but the focus now completely shifts to the Celtics and Red Sox (but it’s still only month two of a seven month baseball grind).

Tonight the Celts look to sweep away a heartless 76ers team. This sweep is important to Boston fans. About three months ago Philly gave us the nut punch of the decade, stealing our sixth Super Bowl win away.

The boys in green are playing the role of Arya Stark, looking to avenge the Red Wedding (Super Bowl 53).

The Super Bowl may be the ultimate sports prize in America but these Philly fans love their Sixers and they really thought they had a chance to get to the finals, so boy does it feel somewhat good to smash their basketball dreams.

If they hadn’t won that Super Bowl they’d probably be ready to send an army of drunken, cheese steak scented fans up here in droves, demanding war for keeping their championship drought alive.

But anyways, there’s basketball to be played tonight.

Like I said said earlier, the Sixers are heartless.

They have some of the most talented guys in the league but Embiid and Simmons don’t seem to have the heart that some players possess.

I could see the Celtics losing tonight and then ending this in Boston in a couple days but I think at this point Philly is just going to lay down.

Jayson Tatum is playing rookie Larry Bird-esque playoff ball and Al Horford is the equivalent to “Playoff Danny Amendola”. The guy shows up in big games.

Whether it ends tonight or in Boston for game five, I can’t wait to see what these Celtics can do against Lebron this time around in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Let’s send these trash Philly fans home to their greasy cheese steaks.

Go C’s.

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