LeBron’s a bitch, Celts in five

Alright so coming into game one of the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals I wasn’t a hundred percent confident the Celtics would win this series.

Right now there is 8:20 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Celts are up 91-68. Wowza.

LeBron has been garbage, crying to the refs like always, and yelling at his coach and teammates.

Meanwhile Tatum and Brown are playing like hall of famers and the Garden is LOVING IT.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an NBA team with the level of “try” that the Celtics have. Each and every one of these guys plays their balls off from the opening tip to the end. I don’t know if it’s Brad Stevens or if it’s just that these players have a chip on their shoulders.

There’s been a couple of instances where LeBron goes for a layup and thinks he gets fouled, cries, and doesn’t get back to play D at all. He literally just waits for his team to get back on offense. It’s a joke and you would never see Jordan or even Kobe do such a thing. Just saying.

If someone held a gun to my head and said pick this series a few days ago I probably would’ve said Cleveland in seven. But right now at this moment…Celts in five.

I thought this team may have lost in round one, I had my doubts about round two, and I didn’t think they had a chance against Cleveland. But the Brad Stevens crew keeps shaking off the doubters.

We’ve got a hell of a week of basketball coming up.

Go C’s.

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