Music has become Monotonous, and Listeners are Hypocrites.

Consider this my rant on the state of the music industry and the people listening to this crap.

Someone told me recently that modern music, and the music of my generation, is in a sad place because in the next 20 years, no one will remember it. We look back at the 60’s with The Beatles and The Rollings Stones, we look at the 70’s with Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, then the 80’s with Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, and Aerosmith, then we even go into the 90’s with the Grunge bands and Rap artists like Tupac, Snoop Dog, and so on. There are countless artists, music eras and movements, and songs that we look back fondly on; but what is there about this generation of music that we will look back fondly on?

Artist come and go each week, as do their songs. The mainsteam music we hear lacks originality in the composition and lyrics. I am not going to sit here and say many of the artists don’t have talent, but the music they are creating does not seperate itself from the rest of the masses. The music industry has fallen into the trap of recognizing what makes money and they do not want to break away from that mold.

Now, here comes a young band out of Michigan that is bringing back the nostalgic sound of classic rock to our monotnous music called Greta Van Fleet; and man can these kids jam!

I have listened to Greta Van Fleet’s debut album From the Fires countless times, and like everyone else, I can’t help but hear the Led Zeppelin sound. But unlike so many, I embrace that sound and applaud them for doing it.

Music listeners have been so quick to dismiss Greta Van Fleet for being a glorified cover band and lacking originality. But I am sorry, have you listened to anything else come out in the past decade?

GVF’s influece is obvious, the band members weren’t alive to see so many of the bands that inspired them come into the limelight, but here they are hoping to reignite that sound. It would be one thing if GVF’s songs were carbon copies of Zeppelin’s, but they aren’t, they are badass jams that hold up on their own.

Everyone finds inspriation in others. Without The Beatles, we probably don’t have a majority of the music we have today, but we don’t call everyone out for copying The Beatles. We don’t even call all of these new artists out for copying the artist that just did the same thing last week!

So to everyone dismissing Greta Van Fleet, stop being hypocrites and let’s give these kids their shot. Their music is refreshing to everyone that is sick of the monotonous songs that come out in today’s music, and it is serving as a callback to when music was memorable.

Please, GVF and the other great artists out there that are bold and breaking the monotony that haven’t been given their time yet, give this generation of music something to remember.


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