2018 NFL Predictions

Each year I always make predictions on paper somewhere and I hate to be biased but I always have the Patriots in the Super Bowl somehow. I mean they have made it to a million straight AFC Championships and are seemingly in the Super Bowl every year so I guess it’s not that far fetched. Anyways let’s get down to business and throw out some predictions..

Maybe we’ll have some playoff predictions tomorrow.


^=first round bye      *=playoffs


East –The AFC East is probably the NFL’s most boring division aside from a couple of years. This year once again nobody will come close to dethroning the Pats barring some serious injuries and a possible apocalypse. The Jets surprised some people last year and with improvement at the QB position I think they’ll grab second place here.

1.) New England Patriots*^

2.) New York Jets

3.) Buffalo Bills

4.) Miami Dolphins


North – I sat here and looked at this four teams and just shook my head. Yes the Steelers are always postseason contenders but with an aging Roethlisberger,  Leveon Bell holding out, and an idiotic coach I just don’t know with this team. The rest of this division is putrid but I do think the Browns may rise out of the cellar this year with the arrival of Baker Mayfield and others.

1.) Pittsburgh Steelers*

2.) Cincinatti Bengals

3.) Cleveland Browns

4.) Baltimore Ravens


South –I picked Houston to battle the Patriots for the AFC crown last year and I think  I would’ve been right if Deshaun Watson had stayed healthy. It was sad to see him get hurt because damn he is entertaining to watch. Anyways the Texans will win this division this year and we just may see them in late January. Tennessee is another team to watch. Last year they had a great season and with Mike Vrabel at the helm this year and with some more Patriots infusion with Dion Lewis and Malcolm Butler, this team could be very good. Last season’s Jaguars team was a fluke, their defense will be great again but I don’t think they’ll make it back to the playoffs.

1.) Houston Texans*^

2.) Tennessee Titans*

3.) Jacksonville Jaguars

4.) Indianapolis Colts


West- The Chargers were a few missed field goals from possibly being a playoff contender last year. Phillip Rivers quietly continues to be one of the NFL’s top QB’s and this is the year they return to the playoffs. Jon Gruden will get the Raiders back to where they were two years ago as he returns to coaching and the Chiefs will fall down the standings a bit after putting all their trust into Patrick Mahomes.

1.) Los Angeles Chargers*

2.)Oakland Raiders*

3.) Kansas City Chiefs

4.) Denver Broncos



East – The Eagles won’t be as good as they were last year but when Carson Wentz returns to the lineup this will be a very good football team again. Wentz is the NFL’s next great quarterback in my mind and it’s still hard to believe Philly won the Super Bowl without him…Goddamnit. A bit of a surprise pick here is the Giants in the second place spot. They may have just given way too much money to Odell Beckham Jr but damn do they have some talent on offense. If they can just have some consistent quarterback play they can be a tough team to beat.

1.) Philadelphia Eagles*

2.) New York Giants

3.) Dallas Cowboys

4.) Washington Redskins


North – The Packers have been cursed by the injury bug the past few seasons but this year lets say they stay healthy and grab a first round bye. Minnesota is a very good team especially with the upgrade at quarterback but Green Bay still has the NFC’s GOAT in Aaron Rodgers.

1.) Green Bay Packers*^

2.) Minnesota Vikings*

3.) Detroit Lions

4.) Chicago Bears


South- Last year I think the Falcons were still shellshocked from blowing a 25 point lead in Super Bowl LI. Their team is too good to stay that way and I think they take the division back. New Orleans was back on the rise last year and as Brees gets older it seems like he gets better, book the Saints a ticket back to the playoffs.

1.) Atlanta Falcons*

2.) New Orleans Saints*

3.) Carolina Panthers

4.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers


West- Don’t know if this is a hot take anymore or not but I think the Seahawks will fall to the bottom of the west. What a ride it has been but I think this team is officially lost, especially after losing what seems like everyone from their championship teams…except Russell. The Rams loaded up this offseason and they’ll be right up there for the #1 seed in the NFC as long as their locker room is okay. Jimmy G will finally play as a starter for an entire season and I think he may lead them to the playoffs but it’ll be a close race in the NFC.

1.) Los Angeles Rams*^

2.) San Francisco 49ers

3.) Arizona Cardinals

4.) Seattle Seahawks

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