Less than a week away

It’s been a long wait since the Pats lost Super Bowl LII, leaving a worse taste in our mouths than having orange juice right after you brush your teeth…yuck.

The wait is nearly over as it’s just one week until the 2018 season opener against Houston, which should be a real doozy.

The final roster cuts have been made and the team has still not made that rumored deal for a wide receiver that the media has been hyping up. Am I worried? Yeah a little bit…considering the only WR options for the first four weeks is currently Chris Hogan, Phillip Dorsett, and Cordarelle Patterson. Oh and don’t forget today’s additions of Chad Hanson and Amara Darboh.

We went over the poor wide receiver group last week so there’s no need to talk about it right now but it is the most concerning issue with this team right now.

Let’s take a quick look and predict the first four games of the New England schedule:

Week 1- vs Houston: Last season the Texans came into Foxboro on a hot September day and it made for one of the season’s most entertaining games, resulting in a last second 36-33 win for the Pats. Who knows what to expect from Deshaun Watson who is coming back from a torn ACL. With him healthy last season the Texans had the best offense in the league and I think they’ll pick back up where they left off with him which will be bad news for the Patriots. This should be an entertaining game but honestly I think New England drops it’s opening game for the second straight year in yet another offensive shootout. It seems like the Texans haven’t beaten the Pats in the last million matchups but this year they finally get one. I’d be willing to bet they meet in January too. L

Week 2- @ Jacksonville: The rematch of last year’s AFC Championship. Many are probably pinning this one up as a loss for the Pats but this one will be a win for the good guys. Jacksonville may have a great defense but I don’t think they’ll be as good as last year, especially on offense. A pissed off Brady will come into the dump that is Jacksonville and torch this defense WITH a healthy Rob Gronkowski, something they didn’t really have in last year’s AFC title game. Oh yeah and don’t think for a second that Gronk forgot/ignored Jaylen Ramsey’s comments regarding the GOAT tight end. W

Week 3- @Detroit: Well, well, well we meet again Matt Patricia. The Lions have a very solid team but they should pose no threat against the Pats in a primetime Sunday night matchup. Brady has always played well in the dome in Detroit and even without Julian Edelman once again he should no issue. New England’s defense may have trouble against a good, young Detroit offense but expect the ol’ bend but don’t break defense to hold up in the Pats’ second win of the season. W

Week 4- vs Dolphins: Division opponents haven’t really given the Pats a scare at Gillette Stadium since the Rex Ryan Jets Era and I don’t expect this year to be any different, especially with Miami. It’ll be nice to see Danny Amendola get a warm welcome back in Foxboro but hopefully that’ll be the only thing he’s receiving. Miami was sort of on the rise a couple of years ago but I think this team is trash now. The Pats will run right over them in their final “Edelman-less” game to open the first quarter of the season at 3-1. W


Asking this team to go 4-0 with the group of WR’s they’ve got right now is a bit much so I think 3-1 is a pretty realistic expectation. Either way one of the losses will come within the first two games, I’d almost bet on that. Houston is on the brink of being a powerhouse team and Jacksonville has the best defense in the NFL.

Anyways, I can’t wait for the season to start so we can finally put last year in the rear-view. LFG!

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