It’s Spidey time

The year was 2004 and the summer had just begun when Spider-Man 2 came out on PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Ah those were the days.

I remember playing the shit out of that game that summer and talking to friends at summer camp about it. That, the 04′ Red Sox, Anchorman, and Dodgeball  were at the top of the conversation menu that summer, what a time to be alive.

Back then I loved sandbox type games at an early age due to premature exposure to Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City. I essentially saw Spider-Man 2 as a GTA where you got to swing around as Spider-Man.

The game was incredible with tons of cool missions and quirky villains, highlighted by my favorite… Mysterio, who turned out to be a real bust when you punch him once to find out he’s just a random dude.

Over 14 years later we are now getting a brand new Spider-Man game and the hype is through the roof.

I’m super glad I scooped up a PlayStation 4 in April (solely for MLB: The Show) because this bad boy is a PS4 exclusive unfortunately.

I’ve got some friends with Xbox that are pissed that they won’t be able to play this super hero masterpiece but who knows, maybe they’ll get a PlayStation to join in on the fun.

From what I’ve seen in gameplay trailers and such it looks like this game will be really similar to the Batman Arkham series which was hands down the best series of superhero games ever made. The continues story from Arkham Asylum to Arkham Knight was a dream come true for any Batman fan.

Marvel has dominated the theaters over the last decade but when it comes to the gaming world DC holds the title belt…for now.

Now I’m not totally sure if Insomniac Games plans on making a series with Spider-Man (I’m sure they do) but if that’s the case then it could rival the Arkham series that just ended three years ago.

This game looks to be loaded to the brim with Spidey villains and that’s the best part of these games. The little side quests with each villain are always a hoot like the Mysterio quest from 2004 that I mentioned earlier or even in Arkham I remember there was a trippy ass side mission with the Mad Hatter.

It releases tomorrow night at my local GameStop at 9 PM and I can’t wait to hop on the sticks and start playing it. A review is sure to follow in the coming days web heads.

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