Welcome Back Football

Week one alone may have been better than any week in the NFL in 2017 and it’s still not over.

Tons of games were close into the 4th quarter and we saw Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have an instant classic Paul Pierce type moment, more on that later.

The set of 1 PM games were highlighted by the Pats-Texans (which wasn’t nearly as entertaining as last year), 49ers-Vikings, Browns-Steelers, and Bucs-Saints.

So in the Houston @ New England game we saw Tom Brady do what he’s done the past 17 years as he and the Pats defeated the Texans 27-20 (the eighth consecutive win for NE over HOU). Brady’s play (277 yards and three TDs) was no surprise to anyone in this game, the surprise to me however was how well New England’s front seven played. I picked the Pats to lose mostly because I thought this defense sucked but they were very good in this game against some tough weapons.

Yeah, they gave up a few big plays here and there and committed a couple of dumb penalties but overall they were fantastic. The pressure they brought upon Deshaun Watson was unbelievable and it was a pleasant surprise.

Speaking of pleasant surprises, Phillip Dorsett stepped up at wide receiver today and caught seven passes for 66 yards and a touchdown. With the uncertainty at WR for New England coming into the game it was great to see him contribute so much in this win.

As for the other exciting 1 PM action…

Cleveland nearly won it’s free Bud Light Sunday but they really BLEW it against Pittsburgh.

This game was plain gross but boy was it entertaining. Anyone with a heart was rooting for Cleveland to start the year with a win (something they haven’t done since 2004). They had the game in their grasps multiple times but failed in classic Browns’ fashion.

The first time was towards the end of the fourth quarter when Cleveland was driving into possible game winning field goal range. Instead of trying to gain short yards, Tyrod Taylor chucked up a 20+ yard duck into the rainy Ohio air only to be picked off by the Steelers. Onto overtime.

The majority of overtime was like trench warfare from World War I (and just as muddy) as both sides stalled out. The game was sure to be a stalemate…until the Browns picked off a Roethlisberger pass/fumble.

The Browns were given a gift, they just needed to make a chip shot field goal and Cleveland would be dancing in the rain of free Bud Light beer. It was their own Super Bowl…and they fucked up.

The kick was one of the worst attempts I’ve seen since Billy Cundiff as the ball went wide of the post and landed in the slop of Cleveland…it was a tie. Still it is the best start for the Browns (0-0-1) since 2004.

In Minnesota we saw Jimmy G struggle (three interceptions including a pick six) for the first time ever but he still had a chance to tie late in the game but just didn’t have the clutch-ness in him, throwing his third pick of the day as the Vikings beat the 49ers 24-16 (Jimmy’s first career loss).

We saw some offensive explosions around the league today.

In New Orleans (where it seems QB’s always air it out for a million yards) the Saints and Bucs had an NFC South shootout with Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bucs shocking Brees and the Saints 48-40.

Fitzpatrick tossed for 417 yards and four TD’s while Brees threw for 439 yards and three TD’s (no interceptions for either). Unbelievable.

The day ended with a bang when Chicago faced off with Green Bay at the not so frozen tundra of Lambeau Field on Sunday Night Football.

It appeared both the Packers and NFL took a big blow early as Aaron Rodgers took a bad hit to the knee, resulting in him being carted off the field. Green Bay fans were dead silent, hoping to the football and cheese Gods that they’re beloved QB was going to be ok. After all the guy did just come back from being injured all last season so these fans don’t deserve this!

The Bears came out of halftime up 17-0 and that’s when Rodgers came back into the game.

He still didn’t seem like quite himself as he was pretty much playing on one leg. By the end of the third quarter it was 20-3 Chicago.

Then came some Rodgers magic as he threw three 4th quarter touchdowns to lead the Pack to a 24-23 win. I don’t even like the Packers that much at all but boy I was excited watching this game. It may have been one of the best primetime games I’ve seen in quite some time.

The NFL is back and it’s back in big way. Let’s hope for a great Monday night and cheers to the rest of the season.

PS: My NFL pick em’ picks were horrendous this week.

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