The Tale of Two GOATs: Brady vs. Rodgers

Week One of the NFL Season is underway and we have already witnessed two commonalities from previous years: Tom Brady winning games through preparation and efficiency and Aaron Rodgers winning games through improvisational and clutch plays.

Watching Tom Brady orchestrate a game may not always be exciting, and it doesn’t need to be. More times than not, Brady will do just the right amount for the team to win. Brady is a steady, robotic force that will outsmart the opposition and make all the right plays at the right time. You cannot beat the Patriots with the lead but no lead is ever safe against the Patriots; that is because Tom Brady is leading the team.

Then, you have the other #12 in Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers is the anti-Tom Brady in regards to his play style. Rodgers’ mechanics aren’t always pretty and he does not follow the script; Rodgers rewrites the script. This past week against Chicago, Aaron Rodgers completed another clutch comeback as he has done so many times before: whether it is a perfectly placed pass while scrambling out of the pocket, or a Hail Mary, Rodgers has a knack for the improbable. Unlike Brady’s methodical approach to a clutch drive (which he has had many of), Rodgers’ has an approach to the game that cannot be duplicated by anyone else.

It is that difference in play style that makes Brady vs. Rodgers such an interesting debate; the two men are opposite quarterbacks. What Brady lacks in athletic ability, he makes up for in preparation and understanding of the game; what Rodgers may lack in mechanics, he makes up for with athleticism.

The only, and most important thing, separating these two in the GOAT title is Super Bowl Championships: Brady has won 5 Super Bowls in 8 appearances and Rodgers has 1. This difference in rings has not stopped people from comparing the two great quarterbacks though, and there is a monitory that would still say Rodgers is the GOAT over Brady.

Aaron Rodgers is the more physically gifted quarterback between the two. Rodgers has a big arm, he can run, and he can put up huge numbers. If the GOAT title was given to the quarterback who outperforms everyone on a tangible level, then Rodgers is the GOAT.

The reality is that Super Bowls and Tom Brady’s intangibles, alongside excellent career numbers, have earned him the GOAT title. Brady doesn’t have the flash of Rodgers, he doesn’t have to improvise, and he doesn’t need the big numbers because he has the only number that matters: 5.

5 Rings.

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