Jammventures in Cosplay – TombRaided

I arrive at GameStop. 

New wig & full makeup – On.

Foam prop pick axes – In hand.

Tomb – Raided.

I am one of 4 people at this game launch and the only one in cosplay. 


To say I felt embarrassed was an understatement. AJ and I are frequent flyers at our local GameStop, to the point where all the staff know us by name and a few can type in our phone numbers without having to ask. (Seriously, who even knows an actual phone number now.)

We walked in to the store, and I’m decked out in my first pass at the new outfit from Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and there’s no one in the store. Just the two employees. They were floored that someone actually came to their store in cosplay. A husband & wife came in, and a few minutes later one other woman came in as well.

And this last woman was pretty excited. She called me over from like the other side of the store saying, “I knew you were Lara Croft when I saw you once I walked in! You look fabulous.”

And I blushed and thanked her, it was pretty neat.


Casually the only one dressed up, what else is new? 

The employees handed out free flashlights for preordering the game through GameStop and then, that’s it. 9 PM hit, because they don’t do midnight launches anymore for some reason, and the steelbooks were handed out and that was it. We’re off.

Here’s the thing. The first time I decided to cosplay Lara, it was probably around when this rebooted series came about. Tomb Raider came out in 2013. This was relatively around the same time that I actively started cosplaying. Rise of the Tomb Raider came around in 2015, and I did a closet cosplay of Lara a little after it. But that was it.

I realized earlier this year that I had never actually officially cosplayed Lara properly. A few weeks out before Pax East 2018 I decided, let’s do it. I had just started a new job maybe about a week or so before that so why not just add another thing to the mix, keep it interesting.

Pax East 2018! Old wig, but everything else was fire. Also this Chief made all his armor from foam, minus the helmet! 

My version of Lara Croft, kind of a 2013 game style version, came about for Pax! This was the first time I actually wore Lara out to a con! I LOVED IT.

Except the first kid who approached me and just immediately started asking me in depth questions about how Lara can survive a fall in every game and get stabbed by a piece of steel rebar  in the side and miss every vital organ. Like dude, I don’t know the answer. Can’t you see, I’m just a person who likes the game? Not a surgeon?

Definitely not a surgeon.

Other than that, being Lara at a con was a fantastic time! My wig was awful, but, I loved everything about being her. She makes me feel strong, determined, and just a force that will not back down.

I knew that the moment this new game was announced that I would work on the new outfits from it! (And woah, there are so many amazing outfit variants for this game. I need to cosplay all of them.) I’ve been getting pieces together for it for the past month or so and I’m so excited to get started on actually playing the game.

Full disclosure-  I’ve watched the gameplay for both games so far either through youtube walkthroughs or through AJ playing them. I recently started to play Tomb Raider (2013) on my own and,  I cannot make this up, I died 4 times before the opening titles even started. So, you can bet your life that I will be streaming the new game and it’s going to be terrible, but it’s going to be so much fun.

An in depth review to follow after I get some time logged on playing this!


Ready for some raiding, or to possibly cause the apocalypse. We’ll see. 




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