Well…that sucked

It was halftime of the Pats-Lions Sunday Night matchup and in a group chat with my brother and dad I firmly believed in a Patriots comeback (which I think is fair considering their history), however this time I looked like a fool.

It was just like that September night back in 2014 when the Pats got ripped a new one by Kansas City on a national stage and everyone was calling the Patriots “done”. Well that season they went on to win the Super Bowl.

As for this season…

I just don’t know.

Worry is beginning to creep into my optimistic mind because this team hasn’t seemed to do anything right in two weeks and they lack the intensity and fire that we’re used to seeing. Maybe it’s just another September hiccup but only time will tell.

Julian Edelman can’t come back soon enough and once he does I honestly think this offense will be pretty darn good. A key at that point will be health, as Edelman has a history of being injury prone.

In Week 1 I was relieved to see Phillip Dorsett come through and in Week 2 he even had some solid action but last night he was putrid. Brady barely seemed to trust him or Cordarrelle Patterson and I can’t blame him, the two of those guys somehow couldn’t find a way to get open even when Brady had loads of time in the pocket.

So how realistic is it that Josh Gordon can come in and help this team?

Well, to start it was good to see him on the sideline and in the wide receiver meetings during timeouts and whatnot last night. I’m expecting him to actually play next week on a set of basic plays. The answer to the question though, yes Josh Gordon can help this team.

I don’t expect Gordon to come in here and learn everything and I don’t expect him to be anything like he was in 2013 but I think he can be a threat and that alone helps this team.

Gordon has skills that maybe only three or four guys in the league have and defenses are aware of that. Last night Rob Gronkowski was mauled by double teams at the line of scrimmage but with guys like Gordon and Edelman in the lineup the defense won’t be able to double Gronk so often like that, giving Brady way easier passing options.

A lot of this is glass half full kind of stuff but it’s not too far off from realistic I don’t think.

I’m not really going to talk too much about that game last night because what is there to really say that hasn’t been said.

-The running game sucked.

-Brady sucked.

-The wide receivers sucked.

-The defense REALLY sucked.

-The coaching sucked.

-The Patriots sucked.

There, that’s the analysis of the game for you.

Actually, a lone bright spot may be that the Patriots offensive line played pretty well. Brady had a ton of time to throw like I mentioned before but he or his receivers couldn’t really do anything with that time.

So back to the season outlook.

I expect the offense to get much more “Patriot-like” over the next several weeks but what about the defense?

Yikes. I could list the issues on that side of the ball on about a hundred pages…but for this blog let’s just use those fun bullet points again, why waste so much time on that disgrace of a defense.

-Dont’a Hightower looks awful. He looks so slow and nothing like the Hightower of old. TB12 diet time for #54?

-The pass rush is at an all-time low. Deatrich Wise had a nice sack, playing with basically one hand but he and his fellow d-linemen have to bring more pressure than that, even if Trey Flowers is out.

-Uhm..can we stop the run? So it was a ground breaking week in the NFL. The Browns won their first game since the Obama presidency and the Lions had a running back rush over 100 yards last night for the first time since 2013…not good…not good at all.

-Safety trouble. That deep touchdown to Lions’ Marvin Jones wasn’t really all on Stephon Gilmore as Duron Harmon screwed him by covering the wrong area, leading to the easy Detroit score that was pretty much a dagger. Communication has been a key to past defensive success for the Pats so this can’t happen.

Bill Belichick has famously buried a football after bad losses like this in the past and I hope he’s breaking out the shovel today because last night’s game ball deserves to be six feet under at least.

So I think I covered everything (unlike the Pats’ secondary) that I wanted to this morning. We’re onto Miami…




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