Ready. Set. YIKES! Week 3’s Fantasy Football Disappointments

Week 3 was an interesting time…

We saw a lot of upsets around the league with the Jaguars, Vikings, Patriots, and Packers all losing (Check out our Power Rankings here: Fantasy football was no different as a lot of big name players let us down.

Here are Fantasy Football Porn’s top choices for those players that made us going: YIKES.


Quarterback Disappointment: Tom Brady

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy…

133 Yards, 1 Touchdown, and 1 Interception against the Detroit Lions. Not exactly GOAT numbers in Week 3 for the Golden Boy. The Patriots looked out of sorts in their prime time match up despite going into the game as heavy favorites. The Matt Patricia led Lions did exactly what you have to do to beat The Patriots: Keep Tom Brady off of the field, except in this game it did not matter. Even when Brady led the offense onto the field, they couldn’t get anything going despite having a their chances.

This is two ugly weeks in a row for the Patriots which is uncharted territory, and until things change, the Patriots offense is beginning to look like a fantasy football black hole. Aside from Brady, the likes of Rob Gronkowski, Chris Hogan, and the runningbacks are all struggling right now. I would never advice putting Brady on your bench, but the confidence is waning. Let’s hope for a rebound week against the 3-0 Miami Dolphins in Week 4.

Dishonorable Mention: Kirk Cousins

I’m sure many owners started Kirk Cousins this week with the expectation of maybe you’ll only get 2 quarters of a game out of him before the backups come in. Sike.

The abysmal Buffalo Bills blew the wheels off of the Minnesota Vikings bandwagon. Double YIKES.

Kirk Cousins had just under 300 yards passing with 1 Touchdown, 1 Interception, and 2 Fumbles. After getting 400+ passing yards and 4 Touchdowns last week, owners had to feel betrayed and disappointed by this outing. Looking ahead to next week when the Vikings face the powerhouse Las Angeles Rams, I would advice owners to look elsewhere. Sorry Captain Kirk.


Runningback Disappointment: Kenyon Drake

What happened to the Miami Dolphins running game? Kenyon Drake totaled 5 carries for a whopping 3 yards and father time himself, Frank Gore, had 6 carries for 12 yards despite their team coming out with a win. Drake has under performed all season and has let a lot of owners down. Luckily, Frank Gore isn’t threatening Drake’s job but we will would like to see more production.

Kenyon Drake has looked good in previous wakes if you are watching the Dolphins play, he looks shift and explosive, but the yards just are not there. The Dolphins are facing the New England Patriots in Week 4 in Foxboro, and if the Patriots do not fix their defensive woes, then Drake owners should feel good about their runningback. Start him with some confidence this week because he will get back to his double digit carries and the yards are there for the taking this week.

Just don’t give us another 5 carries for 3 yards.. Yikes.

Dishonorable Mention: Chris Thompson

The Chris Thompson hype train was rollin’ through the first 2 weeks this season and it hit a screeching halt in Week 3 against the Green Bay Packers. Similar to Kenyon Drake, the Washington Redskins came out with an upset win over the Packers, but their runningback did not help the cause. If 6 carries for 17 yards and 1 catch for 0 yards after a 13 catch performance last week doesn’t make you say YIKES, then I don’t know what will. PPR owners were weeping at their rosters watching Thompson’s ineffective performance this week, but he will be involved in the future so don’t panic.

Other Mentions: The run games of the Packers, Patriots, Buccaneers, and Titans.

Yikes, Yikes, YIKES.


Wide Receiver Disappointment: Amari Cooper

10 catches, 116 yards. That is not Amari Cooper’s Week 3 stats, that is his confidence building stats from Week 2.

2 catches for 17 yards is what Cooper’s Week 3 looked like. Yikes.

Over the offseason, I was caught drinking the Amari Cooper Kool-Aid as many others were. After a disappointing Week 1 against the Rams, which didn’t shock me, he came out with a great performance. Cooper was involved, he had targets, and he looked like wide receiver 1 on the Oakland Raiders only to let everyone down again. That is a trend that Amari Cooper has struggled with his entire career and this season looks no different.

Owners, trade Cooper if you can because he will bring you nothing but heartache. Cooper’s inconsistencies negate his big game ability. Wait until Cooper’s next big game and find a sucker in your league to bite on him.

Dishonorable Mention: Keenan Allen

The reception machine that is the Las Angeles Charger’s Keenan Allen was shut down by the Las Angeles Rams which I am not sure if I should be surprised or not: but I am. I would figure that Allen would get the volume to produce respectable points in at least a PPR format, but 3 catches for 44 yards doesn’t even give you that. Yikes.

Take this as a lesson that the Rams are a dead zone for offensive players. If Keenan Allen cannot produce, then there are few receivers who can. But Allen is an every week starter otherwise and you can expect a ton of catches next week against the Jimmy Handsome-less San Francisco 49ers.

Extra Dishonorable Mention: Larry Fitzgerald

Is father time finally winning or are the Arizona Cardinals just this bad? 2 catches for 9 yards is all Larry Fitzgerald could muster this week. After a strong Week 1 and then a poor, yet expected, performance against the Las Angeles Rams in Week 2, owners were expecting Fitz to get his volume back against the Bears in Week 3. Nope.

The Cardinals do not need to play the Rams to seem like a offensive dead zone, they do that to themselves. Fitzgerald owners are praying the the newly appointed starting quarterback, Josh Rosen, can revitalize Larry Fitzgerald’s season. At this point, it’s a huge YIIIKKKESSS, for Fitz and the Cardinal’s offense. There are better options out there.


Tight End Disappointment: David Njoku

The Cleveland Brown’s David Njoku was considered a fantasy sleeper going into his second season and has yet to pan out. Njoku’s best week was Week 2 against the New Orleans Saints when he had 4 catches for 20 yards which is nothing to write home about. In Week 3, Njoku had 2 catches for 36 yards.

David Njoku’s stock is rising again now that the Baker Mayfield hype train is rolling in Cleveland. The receivers were playing with confidence with their rookie signal caller under center and Njoku was getting targets as well. But it was still a YIKES performance for the young tight end who is still searching for his breakout game.

Luckily for owners, the tight end position is not producing very well this season so you should not feel too discouraged yet. Chances are that your waiver wire doesn’t offer much more than Njoku is offering. So stick with him unless you have someone you feel more confident with on your bench. Bank on that breakout.

Dishonorable Mention: Eric Ebron

Garbage time allowed the Indianapolis Colts’ tight end, Eric Ebron, to salvage his Week 3 performance against the Philadelphia Eagles. With Jack Doyle out, Ebron’s stock gained a huge boost. There were a lot of targets  up for grabs without Doyle who is Andrew Luck’s safety net, and if you combine that with Ebron’s touchdown prowess, it seemed like a great combination for fantasy success. That combination turned into *drum roll please* 5 catches for 33 yards.

Yikes Eric Ebron, you have let a lot of owners down. In a game that could have helped Ebron gain ground between him and starter Jack Doyle, he managed to regain his old Detroit Lion’s form and underperform.

Good luck in Week 4!

Remember, don’t start anyone against the Rams unless you are feeling ballsy!

Check in next week for Ready. Set. YIKES! Week 5’s Fantasy Football Disappointments.

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