Random Thoughts: Best movie trilogies of all-time

So a Facebook group I’m in recently posted about what the “greatest film trilogies of all-time” were. A debate followed no doubt.

I, myself, did not actually partake in the debate. Instead I read the comments from afar and just kind of thought what I would pick.

Now I figured, what the hell? Let’s give it a shot on the blog! After all we’ve been pumping out tons of football content lately and I could use a distraction from crying about the Patriots…I mean uhhh nothing.

So here’s my list of my top five favorite TRILOGIES of all-time:



5.) Back to the Future Image result for back to the future trilogy

Great Scott! (had to do it) So the Back to the Future movies have always been some of my favorites. They were my brothers favorite for some time and I guess that kind of just got passed down to me. Whenever one of them is just randomly on TV I always flip to it and enjoy the hell out of it, it really never gets old. A thing that makes this trilogy so strong is the fact that each movie is great in it’s own way. You can’t have a good trilogy with one classic film and shitty sequels (example: Jaws). Some may think that part three in the old west sucks but I think it’s awesome and adds a great unique final chapter. The relationship between Doc and Marty is kind of uhh..weird (Like how did they meet? Why were they hanging out? lol) but anyways it’s a great relationship for some reason and everyone seemed to just roll with it and love it. I reference this trilogy almost daily, it holds a special nostalgic spot in my heart.

4.) The Godfather

Image result for the godfather trilogy

Talk about a classic. I don’t think you’ll find anyone who doesn’t agree that The Godfather belongs in a top five list of best trilogies. It has some of the most iconic/memorable film score in history and is the standard for what mob movies should be. Unlike many other trilogies on this list, thank God it hasn’t been touched by today’s obsession with remakes, sequels, and prequels. Damn money-grabbing film studios.  Part one has always been my favorite but the thing I find most interesting about this trilogy is the fact that whoever you talk to you’re bound to find tons of variety on which is their favorite. The popular vote seems to be part two but it really may be close. In most trilogies there’s a clear cut winner but with The Godfather it’s a toss up. All this ranking is making me hungry I could really go for a cannoli right about now…

3.) The Dark KnightImage result for the dark knight trilogy

Let’s go now! The Dark Knight trilogy is an absolute masterpiece! Just a chunk of the amazing work that Christopher Nolan has shared with the world. This series and the #2 trilogy on the list share a lot of the same properties, great beginning, amazing middle, and so-so ending (in my opinion!). Each film is highlighted by a breathtaking villain, each unique in their own way. Ra’s al Ghul is intimidating with his confidence and combat skills, the Joker is scary as shit but also a charismatic evil genius, and Bane is a straight up unbreakable brute with an apocalyptic plan. I remember being wowed in the theater for The Dark Knight  and then meeting up a few years later for the midnight release of The Dark Knight Rises (first midnight film I ever went to). I don’t know quite what it is but Rises is just somewhat of a let down after Dark Knight. A lot of it has to do with Joker just being that great of a character in part two.

2.) Star Wars (Original Trilogy)Image result for star wars original trilogy

Yes, I’m a huge Star Wars nerd. Next to Patriots football, Star Wars is and has always been one of my favorite things ever. The original trilogy falls just short of #1 because it does have a few flaws (Return of the  Jedi isn’t that good). A New Hope kicks everything off as we meet our heroes who are about to begin this crazy adventure (that is still ongoing today). ANH is actually my favorite in the series because by itself it’s just simple and has a great beginning, middle, and end. It could be it’s own standalone film. Empire Strikes Back is the fan favorite and for good reason, it’s one of the greatest fucking movies of all time in the nerd world. Any random stranger on the side of the road knows the huge plot twist that happens in the end game of this movie, even if they don’t even like Star Wars! Return of the Jedi has some great, memorable scenes no doubt but uhh..teddy bears taking down the all-mighty Empire isn’t the best ending in my opinion. I don’t think I’m alone on that opinion either. The bottomline is, Star Wars is now a worldwide phenomenon and one hell of a money maker but it all began with this original trilogy way back when and don’t you forget it.

1.) Lord of the RingsImage result for return of the king

I’m way more of a Star Wars guy than a LOTR guy but I need to give credit where credit is due. These movies are the balls. It’s another one of those “oh it’s on TV? Let’s put it on” kind of films. The only real downside to them is that each of them are nearly three hours long or over three hours long, but you need that much time to fit this amount of epic in. These movies raked in the academy awards when they came out, they were essentially the Patriots of the Oscars for years. The #1 reason why I chose LOTR for the top spot over Star Wars and The Dark Knight series- each film is equally epic. I’ve probably changed my mind a hundred times on what my favorite one is and I will change it a hundred more times. The battles in these movies are some of the greatest you’ll see anywhere. Christ, the “Battle of Helm’s Deep” makes me want to run through a brick wall every time I see it. Gandalf running down that hill is a symbol of hope for us all in our daily lives. Didn’t think this would get that deep did ya? Fellowship of the Ring kicks things off perfectly and we even lose a couple loved ones in heartbreaking fashion, The Two Towers restores our hope but also spooks us a bit, and Return of the King is an epic finish (a perfect cherry on top). This was Game of Thrones before Game of Thrones kids.


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