Hessie’s Ramble

Hello to all Outpost followers, my name is James Hess(Hessie) and I’m new to the blog game.

My good friend Dallan has opened my eyes recently and I’m chomping at the bit to give it a go. Some quick tid bits about myself before the Rambling begins. I’m a die hard Tennessee Titans fan but I love to talk about the NFL in general.

While I like to keep things in perspective I also love to RAMBLE about things like league wide conspiracy, Fantasy football, and current NFL headlines. With that said it’s time to talk football.


Well Week 3 is in the books and Week 4 has already kicked off and the Thursday night fiasco (#ihatethursdaynightfootball) is already done and in the books.

Holy shit the Rams are really good! We know they will be in the NFC championship the question for the rest of the season is who will they play.

The North, South, and East are anybody’s to take. With all the new rules the league has installed the divisions will come down to a roughing the passer penalty.

The AFC is a bit less predictable as the Chiefs and Dolphins are the only unbeaten teams left,  but I’m certainly not a believer in any of those two.

The Chiefs, under Coach Reid, seem to always start strong and fizzle as the season drags on. We will know more about the Dolphins after their divisional showdown with the Pats. I’m not buying them as anything more than play off speed bumps for an eventual Super Bowl team.

I still think Sacksonville will win the South and Chiefs will take the West (barely) but look out here comes them Browns to make the North a spectacle to follow. And the East, well that’s still the Patriots until somebody else wins.

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