MLB Postseason Predictions

I had this ready to go yesterday but it just never got up (I think they make a pill for that).

Anyways here’s a look at my crystal ball postseason predictions.

The Sox may have a historic team this year but that bullpen is SO BAD, probably the worst in all of the playoffs. For that reason I can’t see them getting past Houston in the ALCS but let’s hope I’m wrong.

In the NL I think it’s clear that it’s the “Brew Crew’s” year but the Dodgers look poised to fight back to the World Series to get revenge. Give me the Brewers

(For the record I was 2-0 on the wild card play in games…but nobody cares)




Red Sox over Yankees (4 games)

Astros over Indians (4 games)


Brewers over Rockies (5 games)

Dodgers over Braves (3 games)


Astros over Red Sox (7 games)


Brewers over Dodgers (6 games)

World Series

Brewers over Astros (6 games)

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