Sox in a bad situation, season rides on the shoulders of Betts

It could be all over for a Red Sox team that won a mind blowing 108 games this season.

They held on to dear life in game one of the ALDS against the Yankees and in game two they looked dead as New York smashed five moonshot home runs and tied up the series.

Yes it’s only tied but it feels like Boston is losing badly.

The Sox are in a must win situation tonight in the first of two games in the Bronx, a place that is pure hell for this Red Sox team and any team for that matter in the postseason

The Yankee fans will be out for blood as always but will Alex Cora and his boys be able to man up in this pivotal game three?

It all starts with Mookie Betts who is a combined 1 for 7 through two games. That’s completely unacceptable for the probable American League MVP. If Boston ends up losing this series Betts deserves as much blame as David Price and the bullpen.

JD Martinez has hit well so far in this postseason (3 for 8 with a homer) but he needs to do more if this team is going to go anywhere. Yankee Stadium has that short porch in right field and Martinez will be licking his chops at the opportunity to smash a few over that wall. I’m much more concerned with Mookie right now than JD but hopefully the two of them can get back in the grooves that they each had in the summer.

In a surprise move, Alex Cora announced that trade deadline acquisition Nathan Eovaldi will be starting on the bump for game three and you know what? I like it.

Eovaldi is a former Yankee (2015-2016) and he’s pitched well against them this year. Originally scheduled starter, Rick Porcello, may be an option out of the bullpen or he may be game four’s starter. Porcello has a very poor postseason track record, even in his Cy Young winning season, so maybe Cora took that into consideration after seeing Price have yet another meltdown on Saturday night.

However, we saw Porcello come out of the bullpen on Friday night and he looked great before Cora quickly yanked him out (to save his arm for later). So it’s tough to tell what the plan is with him, especially after today’s news that Price would be moving to the pen (something that the team should’ve planned on doing MUCH sooner).

As a Red Sox fan I have to say I’m scared to death of their current situation. If I was a betting man (which I’m usually not..) I’d pick New York to win this series now. In my postseason predictions I chose the Sox in four but hey I’ve been wrong before and I think I am again.

The Sox are really going to need to step up their game in order to take this series, realistically they can only win one in New York so let’s hope they can get this thing back to Fenway for Chris Sale to finish off.

It’s hard to believe a team that won 108 games is near the brink of being eliminated but then again they’re going up against a team that won 100.

For shits n’ gigs let’s do some quick game three predictions:

-Eovaldi will go 5 innings, allowing two runs (a two run blast to either Judge or Stanton)

-JD Martinez will take advantage of the “short porch”, blasting another home run himself

-Mookie will get back on track with two hits, including a clutch RBI double

-The Sox bullpen will be shaky but will get the job done

-Boston wins 7-5

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