It’s time for the Price to be right

I’ve been dead wrong about these Red Sox multiple times now and I couldn’t be happier about it.

After game two of the ALDS I had them pretty much written off.

“Realistically they can only win one in New York.” -AJ Spirito, October 8th, 2018

They won both in New York.

Before the playoffs began I picked the Astros to win the ALCS in 7 games. That is still in play and could totally happen but I think I’ll be wrong again.

I think these Sox have one more big surprise left in them and it starts with #24 himself, David Price.

Price has SUCKED in the playoffs his whole career but now he gets the chance to essentially erase all of that if he pitches well in game five tonight against Justin Verlander.

It’s the perfect story and I think it’s going to happen, get the champagne ready.

Last night’s game four was one of the best baseball games I’ve seen in recent memory. It had everything from controversial plays, to multiple lead changes, to web gem plays from both teams.

Andrew Benintendi’s diving catch to seal the game had me leaping off the couch and my girlfriend jumping across the room. It was a great moment.

The Sox now sit one win away from the World Series and they’ve barely had any help from their MVP candidates Mookie Betts and JD Martinez. Not to mention their ace, Chris Sale, and closer, Craig Kimbrel, are basically puddles right now. Sheesh. What a run it has been.

It’s time for Betts or Martinez to wake up and smell the October air. We need one of these guys to go off tonight and send this team to the World Series. I hate that I keep hearing that this game is a “scheduled loss” because it’s Verlander vs Price. Get that shit out of here, you don’t give games away in the playoffs. You’re up 3-1 and it’s time to go for the throat.

Let’s go Sox!

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