Seven hours and 18 innings later

I had to cover a Massachusetts high school football playoff game so I didn’t get home to catch game three of the World Series until about the 6th inning, right after Rick Porcello was taken out.

It was only about 9:30 or so, the Dodgers were up 1-0 and I couldn’t believe how fast the game was moving.

“Wow this thing could be over by 10:30 or 11,” I said.

What a jinx that was.

That guesstimate was off by about five hours…

Jackie Bradley Jr. aka JBJesus would come through in the clutch yet again this postseason, launching a homer to tie the game at one.

From there on out the game was a dreadful stalemate until the Sox scored in the 13th and it all appeared to be over. It looked as if Boston would take a 3-0 lead on the World Series until a two out ground ball was hit hard to Ian Kinsler.

Kinsler made a bit of a tough play and slipped on the shitty Los Angeles grass (seriously that field looked awful) as he threw to first. The ball sailed by Christian Vasquez who was playing first base for the first time ever and the Dodgers tied the game as Max Muncy came around from second to score.

Groans could be heard around Red Sox nation and from that moment on it seemed the game would never end. It was some pre-Halloween nightmare.

Five innings later (about 3:30 am eastern time) Muncy would rip the heart of the Red Sox out, smashing a walk-off solo shot to left centerfield. Yikes what a long night.

I began watching on the TV and by inning 17 I was in bed watching on my laptop.

After the Muncy home run I tossed my laptop (lightly) on the ground and angrily dozed off.

The legend of Nathan Eovaldi grew massively Friday night/Saturday morning as he came out of the bullpen to toss six innings of relief. The Sox may have lost but he cemented his legacy on this postseason for sure. We love ya Nate.

We can’t dwell on this game now. All we can do is move on to game four and try to pull out a win. Our pitchers are depleted for sure but we can’t forget how good this team can be.

Benintendi is back in the lineup tonight and let’s hope he can spark something because Boston’s top four hitters last night were flat out putrid.

Mookie Betts, the probably American League MVP, was 0-6 and hasn’t really had a good postseason at all. I love Mookie, he’s probably my favorite player on the team, but he has been a serious letdown in not only this postseason but the past two as well. It’s time for Mookie to get it together if the Sox want to win this series.

Eduardo Rodriguez gets the surprise start tonight and I think he’ll do well. I’ve always like E-Rod and he was having a great season before hurting himself in July. Tonight he gets his chance at redemption but he’s going to need some help from the offense.

I’m still exhausted from game three so I’m going to end this blog right here and just say this:

Let’s go Sox and let’s hope it’s a much shorter game for all our sakes.

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