Damage Done

The Boston Red Sox are nine time World Series champions.

What was once thought to be a sad, cursed organization is now right in the middle of a modern baseball dynasty with titles in 2004, 2007, 2013, and now 2018.

My generation of Boston fans is unbelievably spoiled but I gotta tell you, the championships never get old.

The Sox won a franchise record 108 games this season but that didn’t have everyone buying in, myself included. The past two postseasons were an embarrassment and they had yet to prove they could win a series in October.

They quickly shut the doubters up as they manhandled the Yankees in the ALDS.

Okay I was happy with this team’s accomplishments right then and there and losing in six or seven games to the powerhouse Houston Astros wouldn’t be a terrible thing right?

The buzzsaw continued as the Sox took care of the defending champion Astros in five games with David Price of all people pitching a gem in the clinching game. Once that happened there was no doubting this team, whoever was coming out of the National League stood zero chance against these guys.

The poor Dodgers had to travel to cold as balls Boston for games one and two and they were not ready for the weather, the stadium, the fans, and this record breaking team.

Los Angeles went down 0-2 in the series and everyone in New England was thinking sweep.

Then came the nightmare game three where doubt crept back into everyone’s minds at 3:30 am. After 18 torturous innings it looked as if the series was about to turn, especially after LA took a 4-0 lead the next day (actually the same day) in game four.

I was sitting in my living room pissed off, I wouldn’t look or talk to anyone. Then the beautiful Mitch Moreland smacked a three run Johnson to bring the Sox within one. I still wasn’t happy but it got a big clap out of me.

Later on psycho Steve Pearce would hit a game tying home run and oh boy he wasn’t done there. He would add some insurance runs later on and just like that the Sox had a 3-1 series lead.

David Price would get the start against the mighty Clayton Kershaw in game five. You couldn’t write a better script in Hollywood than this.

Price would go full Red Dead Redemption, pitching yet another gem. LA didn’t have a chance from the start either as Pearce was back at it with the home runs…yes plural. Pearce hit a two run shot in the first to set the tone and he would add another in 8th, earning him World Series MVP honors.

Speaking of homers, Mookie Betts finally got the monkey off of his back, hitting his long awaited first postseason home run. It was great to see him finally come through in the World Series. JD Martinez also bashed a home run to dead center in the 7th. With Betts and Martinez both homering it was destiny that the Sox would claim the crown last night.

So in the ninth the Sox would go to the closer Craig Kimbrell right?? Nope! They gave the ball to the man himself Chris Sale who has battled a shoulder injury since late July. Once again, you couldn’t write a better script.

Back in June, Sale said he’d want to pitch the final pitch of the World Series more than anything. Chills.

Sale came in and struck out all three batters he faced, ending with the a-hole villain Manny Machado. Couldn’t have been any more perfect.

The Red Sox stormed the field with Sale towering over everyone and the party went all night long, highlighted by a naked Rick Porcello cannonballing into a bin of beer. I love every single guy on this team and they deserve every moment of fun they’re going to have over these next couple of days.


It’ll be interesting to see how free agency goes and who will come and go but for right now let’s take this all in. The success of Boston sports from 2001 till now is still going strong, let’s get another one boys.

PS: The blue jerseys are growing on me.


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