Knee-deep in trouble?

A week ago NFL Network’s Mike Giardi (formerly from NBC Sports Boston) hinted at Tom Brady possibly having a sprained or partially torn MCL in his left knee, the same knee that was doomed in 2008.

Giardi said he got this from watching film but c’mon. It’s a known fact that great reporters don’t always give away their sources, especially when you’re a guy in the locker room every day. Giardi has been one of my favorite Patriots beat guys for awhile now and he wouldn’t come up with a  bullshit idea, especially now that he works for NFL Network.

There is much truth to this speculation and I’m sure we’ll find out what Tom is dealing with once the season is over. Who knows if it’s a sprain or slight tear but one thing is for sure-Brady is a tough SOB and I don’t want to hear anyone say otherwise.

Following Sunday’s ugly but good win against Buffalo, Brady decline the reports that he is injured and said he’s 100%. This is a typical Brady/Patriots move, the guy isn’t going to stand up there and whine about all of his bumps and bruises like Big Ben does every week in Pittsburgh.

For an even slightly “football educated” person it’s clear as day that something is up with TB12 and most signs point to that knee.

In many of his throws over the last few weeks he has been favoring that left side and throwing many balls off his back foot, fading away like Kevin Garnett from 15 feet out.

The one ball last week that he put everything into was the 4th down TD to Edelman. Brady stood in there, planted on his left foot, and fired that thing like Vintage Tom.

It’s weird to say that a Brady injury is a good thing but look at it this way. If he does have a significant knee injury and that is the reason for his mediocre play then we don’t need to jump off the “he’s too old!” bridge just yet. This thing will heal up or be fixed and he’ll be back to the same old Tommy.

Whether this thing heals up by the playoffs or not, who knows.

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