Planting the seeds, the wide open AFC playoff race

The 2018 New England Patriots won’t lose a home game this season, being the only team in the league with an undefeated home record.

This not too bold prediction extends beyond their Week 17 skirmish with the Jets. Every single home game the Pats will have in the playoffs, whether it’s one or two, they will win.

At this point that could mean anything from winning on Wild Card Weekend to winning the AFC Championship.

The Chiefs are going to end up with the AFC’s top seed and have the possibility of homefield throughout the playoffs but I think that team is trending downward and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them bounced during the Divisional Weekend of the playoffs.

As it stands now they could see the Ravens, Chargers or Colts coming into Arrowhead in mid January and I could see all three of those teams defeating KC in front of their home crowd.

So will the #2 seed (the Pats) have the easier road early on? Not really, as New England could see the Texans, Ravens, or Chargers coming through their doors. I just think the Pats have the greater homefield advantage and that’s a blessing for a team that has been horrid on the road this season.

The AFC title is as wide open as it’s ever been and I can very easily picture any of the six current playoff teams hoisting the Lamar Hunt Trophy (or looking at it and tossing it aside as Bill Belichick does every year).

In just three days the dust will settle on the regular season and we’ll be able to look at matchups across the league for Wild Card Weekend!


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