‘New’ Reliable: Sea of Thieves

At first glance back in March 2018 Dallan and I thought Sea of Thieves was a great, unique adventure but after an hour or so of playing it felt frustratingly empty.

It felt like a skeleton of a game and we were a bit disappointed.

Over the last nine months or so Rare, the game developer, has put their money where their mouths are and completely improved the game. They’ve slowly but gradually been putting new content into the game in the form of new quests, sea monsters, and new ways of rewarding players!

Just the other night we were playing and we found a rowboat on an island. I said, “Imagine if you could put this on the ship?”. Minutes later I pulled up behind our two man sloop ship and was actually able to attach it to the back for later use. We were thrilled by this, it’s the small things that make games great.

Later on we were attacked by the Kraken and somehow endured it but we weren’t out of the woods yet…as a Megalodon showed up. We beat the Meg and we had an ample amount of booty for our efforts.

I guess we got cocky with our combat because we then took on a nasty skeleton ship and were quickly battered. Dallan’s pirate didn’t make it and I said the hell with the ship and quickly ran to our lifeboat that we acquired earlier.

What a time.

We may have lost the ship but we had about 30,000 gold coins to boot.

Sea Of Thieves was an early disappointment but it has quickly become exactly what we wanted it to be. Keep improving! In Rare we trust.

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