Who do we want the Pats to play?

It has become somewhat of a New England tradition, sitting back on Wild Card Weekend and rooting for who we want to come to Foxboro the following week.

Usually there is some bum team that we’re hoping pulls off a win. Last year it was the Titans, 2011 it was Tebow’s Broncos, etc.

This year there really isn’t that horrible team, in fact I could see every single one of the AFC Wild Card teams beating the Pats. Not saying that would happen but it’s a possibility at least, unlike years past.

So who do we want to come into Gillette on January 13th?

Out of the three possible teams (Houston, Baltimore, or LA) I’d have to pick Houston…but I do so uncomfortably.

The Patriots own Bill O’Brien and the Texans’ asses but I always have a feeling that every dog has their day. Not to mention that Deshaun Watson and that Houston offense are scary good since their 0-3 start. Combine that with a formidable defense that can put the pressure on Brady and you’ve got yourself a scary Divisional Weekend matchup.

However, I firmly believe Houston is far less scary than the other two options. For some reason Baltimore always scares me, maybe it has something to do with them blowing our doors off at home in the playoffs in 2009 or taking us down in the 2012 AFC Championship. The bottom line with that team is that they aren’t afraid of the Gillette Stadium mystique. They’d come into Foxboro, look right into Brady and Belichick’s eyes, and say let’s dance. We don’t want to see them next week.

The Chargers are another fearless team this season and their road record of 7-1 proves that. They’ve gone into places like Pittsburgh, Denver, Kansas City, and Seattle and if they can win in Baltimore this week the story next week will be how good of a road team they are. Philip Rivers seems to have that playoff choking quality but maybe this is his year. He’s been clutch in some of the toughest moments in 2018 so let’s not count him out. He hasn’t had luck against the Pats in recent years but he now has a capable team around him, ready to do some damage.

Well, there you have it. If you’re a Pats fan and you’re looking for the “easy” path then you’re pulling for the Texans to beat the red hot Colts this weekend. In case you’re wondering, here’s what I think the easiest possible playoff path is for the Pats:

Pats-Texans in the Divisional Round

Pats-Chargers in the AFC Championship @ Gillette

This scenario isn’t even that far fetched.

Happy football watching!

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