Wild Card Saturday Thoughts

The first half of Wild Card weekend was, well, a bit disappointing to say the least.

I knew Sunday’s matchups would be the better ones from the start but Saturday was a letdown, starting with the annual Houston choke game.

Sometimes it comes in the Divisional round and sometimes it’s the Wild Card game but it seems like every year we sit back and watch a Texans’ offense stall out over and over again. Usually it has been with guys like Brian Hoyer or TJ Yates at quarterback but with a talented Deshaun Watson you would think they’d be able to put some points on the board.

The Colts came out firing on all cylinders, going up 21-0 at the half, but Houston’s defense kept the Texans in it. Watson and his offense (I put a lot of blame on the offensive mind of Bill O’Brien) just couldn’t get anything right as they only managed a single touchdown in the 21-7 loss. The game was just boring.

However, the Colts seem like they’re a serious threat in the AFC. I could easily see them go into Kansas City next week and torch that putrid Chiefs defense on their way to an upset win. Don’t sleep on Andrew Luck and these Colts!

I was more excited for the Saturday night game of Seattle @ Dallas and that game was actually pretty solid, just not great.

The first half was a bit slow, other than a gruesome ankle injury to Allen Hurns. Injuries like that don’t usually bother me on replay but for some reason this one was a stomach turner for me. Poor guy.

Anyways, in the second half things got cooking. With Seattle trailing 10-6 late in the third the Russell Wilson ran in a touchdown to give the Seahawks their first lead of the night.

The Cowboys responded with a touchdown drive of their own to go up 17-14 and it looked as it it’d be a fourth quarter shootout. Wilson got the ball back but couldn’t do anything with it. After a great Dallas punt return (more on the Seattle punt/kick situation later) it seemed the Cowboys were going to put the nail in the coffin.

Dak Prescott went for the big touchdown throw but Seattle’s linebacker KJ Wright made an amazing play tipping the ball and reeling it in for a game saving interception.

If you give Wilson a second chance you’ll have to pay right? Not if the other team shoots themselves in the foot with two huge penalties.

That’s exactly what happened as the ‘Hawks had a holding and unnecessary roughness go against them, killing that drive immediately.

Dallas would get the ball back and drive down to get the touchdown this time, going up 24-14. Seattle wasn’t going down without a fight though as Wilson would quickly lead the Seahawks downfield for a TD and a two point conversion, 24-22 now…oh boy.

So that punt/kick situation I mentioned earlier. Seattle kicker Sebastian Janikowski injured himself earlier in the game on a field goal and didn’t return, forcing punter Michael Dickson to take the role as kicker. The Seahawks had him doing dropkicks on kickoffs and didn’t even have him attempt extra points. So with the game at 24-22 with a minute left Seattle was forced to attempt an onside kick..yikes.

Dickson went out there and did his dropkick style kickoff and it sailed like a piss poor chip-shot flying 20 yards over the green. It was awful. Not one Seahawk had a chance of getting this ball, in fact, if you gave one or two of them jetpacks they still wouldn’t have gotten to it.

A very anti-climatic ending to a somewhat solid game.

I give the overall day of football a C+, be better day two.

As for my predictions I went 1 for 2 so we’re batting .500 here!

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