Divisional Weekend Picks

It’s safe to say that last week’s Wild Card Weekend blue balled us all as football fans.

I even went out there and said that it’s the best weekend in football, especially with the matchups that were featured this year. The NFC games at least were very entertaining till the end but the AFC side of things was just terrible.

I can’t take back what I said but I think THIS weekend may be the best weekend in football…I feel confident in saying that.

Four teams will rise up and head to Championship Weekend and you know what? Any of these teams can win. Let’s get down to each matchup and make some picks. (Let it be known that I was 3-1 last week! Would’ve been perfect if Cody Parkey made that kick…)

Saturday 4:35- Colts @ Chiefs

For the second week in a row the Colts will be on the road playing on Saturday at 4:30. They’ll have a much tougher test this week against a mighty Kansas City offense but all the pressure is on KC and Andy Reid in this one. The Chiefs have been sitting at home for over a week hearing all about their playoff chokes of years past, that will either be a big motivator or a factor in their downfall while playing with tight sphincters.

Things could very well be different this year with Patrick Mahomes at the helm. That kid sweats confidence but we still haven’t seen him play in the postseason. Look at the way young QB’s played last weekend (Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson). Mahomes is better than both of those guys but it’ll still be something to watch.

Andrew Luck and the Colts offense looked great in the first half of last week’s game against Houston and that’s all they needed. I think Luck has an even easier matchup this week against one of the league’s WORST defenses. It’s going to be loud at Arrowhead Stadium but I think the Indy offense will steamroll KC’s D. This game is going to be a shootout.

I think Mahomes will look great but maybe one or two mistakes will cost KC the game as their defense won’t stop Luck and his offense. Give me another KC choke…and put Andy Reid on the chopping block!

Prediction: Colts 38, Chiefs 34


Saturday 8:15- Cowboys @ Rams

I’ll just say this right now…I wish this game was Bears vs Rams but oh well.

The Rams trended downward at the end of the season but at home they’re still heavy favorites over the inconsistent Cowboys.

Last season the Rams shat the bed at home in the playoffs and I think that chance is definitely on the table once again. Dallas packs a heavy punch on defense and I think that’ll be the biggest factor in this game.

Los Angeles has had one of the league’s best offenses but ever since losing slot receiver Cooper Kupp they just haven’t been that juggernaut.

I wasn’t too impressed by the Cowboys offense last week but Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot showed me they have balls in big moments and that’s half the battle in the playoffs.

Both of these defenses are great and I think whoever plays the BEST defense on Saturday night will head to the NFC Championship. This game will be an old school grind to it.

Prediction: Cowboys 26, Rams 17


Sunday 1:05- Chargers @ Patriots

I blogged about this game separately so if you want my full thoughts go read that.

As a Pats fan I’m nervous about this game for sure but with homefield, cold weather, and rested players on our side I feel confident.

The better team this season has been the Chargers for sure and their better record speaks to that, don’t forget they’re also 8-1 on the road.

It’s the best road team in football vs the best home team in football…something has to give!

People may think this game will be a shootout with Brady-Rivers but I think it’ll be fairly low scoring. Tom Brady and his receivers are going to have a tough day but I think the backs of New England will bail them out.

The Patriots screen-game and strong offensive line is going to be the x-factor in this game. Look for James White to have an explosive day.

LA may have two of the best receivers in the game but New England’s secondary is very underrated. They shut down the combo of Antonio Brown and Juju Smith-Schuster IN Pittsburgh so I think they’ll be alright against Allen and Williams.

Normally I’d be terrified of Chargers star runningback Melvin Gordon vs the terrible Pats run defense but he’s playing with a bum knee and will likely be limited. A big break for the Patriots.

The Patriots just don’t lose at home, especially to the Chargers, and that trend will continue.

Prediction: Patriots 27, Chargers 23


Sunday 4:40- Eagles @ Saints

As soon as the Eagles hung on by a string to win last week I immediately said, “They’re going to get smoked by New Orleans.”

I still stand firmly by that statement.

However, maybe there is just something magical with Nick Foles and Philly. They play hard and Foles just finds ways to win.

In the Superdome against Drew Brees I just don’t see that magic continuing.

The Saints steamroll people in that dome and Philly isn’t that strong of a team (New Orleans beat the Eagles 48-7 back in November). They have guts and experience but they should’ve lost last weekend. There’s no way they stop Brees from doing whatever he wants.

The Eagles will need to compete in a shootout against Nola and that’s just not going to happen…sorry Philly (not sorry).

Prediction: Saints 37, Eagles 20


If everything goes this way we’ll be looking at these Championship matchups next week:

NFC Championship: Cowboys @ Saints

AFC Championship: Colts @ Patriots



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