And then there were four

There couldn’t be any other combination of teams that are more deserving of being the final four than these four in Championship Weekend.

Kansas City, New England, Los Angeles (Rams), and New Orleans have been the best of the best this season and one of them will eventually be crowned champions in a few weeks.

I’ll break down what I think will happen later this week but let’s look at the surface of these matchups.

A great thing about these two games is that each one is a rematch from earlier this season. If we see the same results we’ll see a Pats-Saints Super Bowl, but let’s take it easy because beating the same team twice in one season is a tough task, especially in the postseason.

Since they’re both rematches, each team will know some of the other’s tactics and it’ll usually be up to one of the teams to change the gameplan enough to fool the other. It’s all one big chess match.

The two home teams, KC and New Orleans, will be the favorites as it should be. So which road team has the better shot to win?…I say the Pats.

New England was a terrible 3-5 on the road this season so that doesn’t help their cause, however they’ve got Bill and Brady and they sent the biggest message around the NFL after whooping the 12-4 Chargers on Sunday.

Brady looked like himself again and the Pats balanced offensive attack should throttle the swiss cheese Chiefs defense. I’m not buying into the KC defense all of a sudden being good after beating that stiff Andrew Luck.

This game may come down to the final drive of the game, just like part one back in October (the Pats won 43-40).

A big difference maker will be the Pats defense. They’ve been up and down all season but since playing in Pittsburgh in December they’ve been very good, including a DOMINANT performance over the Chargers on Sunday. Can they give Mahomes the same fits that they gave Rivers? We’ll see.

The Rams will have a big test themselves, playing in the Superdome against the Saints. New Orleans looked vulnerable against the Eagles Sunday night but Brees and the boys were able to pull off the win. I’d like to think that Brees has a much better performance left in the tank for the NFC Championship so Jared Goff and the Rams offense better be ready to score.

I’m not making any picks until Thursday or Friday but we’ve got two dandies on our hands with two young gun QBs going against two big time veterans. Should be a hell of a Sunday afternoon.

AJ Wild Card Weekend Picks: 3-1 (Damn you Parkey)

AJ Divisional Weekend Picks: 1-3 (Hey at least I got the Pats right…)

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