Super Bowl 53 Madden Prediction!

Tonight, I booted up Madden 19 to give the Super Bowl a whirl: All-Madden difficulty, 8 minute quarters, and of course, I played as the Patriots.

First Quarter

The Rams received first and drove right down the field only to have an uncharacteristic missed extra point by Greg Zuerlein. The rest of the quarter was a stalemate as each team attempted to find an edge over the other.

Second Quarter

Down 6, and being shut out the remainder of the first quarter, I led the Patriots to score 2 touchdowns and the Patriot’s defense held the Rams to 2 field goals. One defensive hold came off the back of a blocked punt that the Rams recovered on the Patriot 6 yard line. The score was 14-12 going into half with the Patriots on top.

Fortunately in Madden, you aren’t subjected to the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Third Quarter

The third quarter is where the game turned ugly. The Rams defense came out to play, forcing 2 Tom Brady interceptions and turning the turnovers into quick points. Once again, the Rams shut out the Patriots in the third and put up 14 points of their own, going up 26-14.

Fourth Quarter

Tom Brady and the Patriots offense started their comeback scoring quickly to put the score at 21-26, but the Rams responded with 7 of their own to put the Patriots back down 21-33.

Once again responding, the Patriots were down 28-33 in the fourth with 5 minutes left in the game and the Rams had possession. On the back of a big catch by wide receiver Brandin Cooks and big runs by Todd Gurley, the Rams were 1st and Goal at the 2 Minute Warning. If the Rams score a touchdown, the game may have been out of reach, but the Patriots held the vaunted offense to a field goal.

Down 8 with 1:20 left in the game. Tom Brady drove the Patriots offense down the field. Executing vital 3rd down plays with precise passing, Brady found Hogan with 13 seconds left for a 14 yard touchdown and followed the touchdown with a short pass to James White to complete the 2 Point Conversion.


Tied 36-36, the Patriots once again entered Overtime in the Super Bowl and their second Overtime of the postseason. The momentum didn’t stop, and after receiving the ball, the Patriots rolled down the field. Finding wide receiver Julian Edelman across the middle, Brady delivered a rocket to the numbers, scoring the touchdown, and sealing his 6 Super Bowl Victory.

Final Score: Patriots 42, Rams 36 in OT.

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