The New England Patriots just had their best postseason run EVER en route to a sixth Super Bowl title.

Months ago I sat where I’m sitting now (in a Starbucks, sipping a cup of joe) writing about how this Pats team just can’t get it together completely. I had them ranked all over the place from fifth best team to eight best…well guess what? They’re the BEST TEAM IN THE NFL. I was wrong about this team and I certainly wasn’t the only one.

Dallan kept the most hope about this team but even he probably didn’t envision this, I won’t speak for him so let’s hope he writes his own blog on this incredible year. We miss his blogging dearly.

Alright, alright I’m blabbing. It’s what happens when I’m filled with joy, maybe it’s the Super Bowl or maybe it’s the CBD gummies I’ve recently started taking. Either way let’s get onto business and talk about the big game as well as what’s upcoming for the Pats.

Nobody saw a 13-3 outcome coming for this Super Bowl but hey I did get the point differential correct at least. Man was this just a weird Super Bowl, not boring as some are saying, but weird!

Watching this game I was never really nervous at all about the Pats losing EXCEPT during two plays, the Brady pick and the play where Jason McCourty broke up the potential TD pass to Brandin Cooks. As that ball was in the air to a wide open Cooks all I could think for a minute was, “Geez we really might lose this thing 7-3”, or something along those lines. J-Mac made the play of the game of course and sprinted nearly 20 yards to break that thing up.

Big Side note: Can I just say that I love Cooks as a person and he’s a solid football player but I really don’t like his play style at all. He’s as soft as you can get as a receiver due to his tininess and he’s terrible at catching the ball in traffic. To me he’s just a gadget guy that gets a million pass interference calls on him. I don’t care what his stat line was in the game because he has TWICE been a giant letdown in Super Bowls. Last year he made two bonehead plays for the Pats in the big game and this year he essentially dropped two TD passes (I know the first one was on Goff, but still, it was in his hands).

Cooks isn’t the only soft one though. The entire Rams offense is soft starting with their genius man-child coach. He’s a very good coach with great offensive mind but seeing him coddle Goff after a backbreaking pick made me sick. Not to mention him ballwashing Belichick PRIOR to the game. Bill knew he had won the game before it even started.

I keep bashing on the Rams here so let’s move onto how well the champs played.

That defensive performance was a masterpiece by Flores and Belichick and it was that way all postseason. Months ago the Rams beat the Chiefs 54-51, the Pats shutout both of those offenses in the first half of each game.

The New England defense had Goff and the LA offense dazed and confused all night. Standout performances by Stephon Gilmore, Dont’a Hightower, and Jason McCourty led to the Super Bowl win.

On offense the Pats actually moved the ball pretty well with Julian Edelman (the eventual MVP) catching 10 balls for 141 yards and Sony Michel rushing for 94 yards on 18 carries. They just couldn’t punch their ticket into the endzone until the fourth quarter, thank goodness that’s all they needed.

Tom Brady actually seemed a bit rattled as he had probably his worst Super Bowl performance but who cares as others stepped up, unlike last year when Brady threw for over 500 yards and lost. That still makes my stomach turn.

Brady made the throws he had to with the NFL’s best defensive line bearing down on him and was careful with the ball for the vast majority of the game, that’s what makes him great.

An NFL best (tied with Pittsburgh) sixth Super Bowl was won by the Pats, the parade was a party, and now we’re onto 2019.

Questions for 2019 (answers/thoughts to come in another blog)

-Who is retiring?! Gronk, both McCourty’s, and Mattew Slater are all possibilities.

-Who will be leaving via free agency? Pretty much every wide receiver that isn’t name Edelman could be gone, Trey Flowers, big ol’ Trent Brown. Not everyone can stay.

-How do we feel about Greg Schiano as the new defensive coordinator?

-Did the Pats sort of create a new formula to succeed? They didn’t intend to “coast” through the regular season as I imagine they would’ve enjoyed having the number one seed but maybe they’ll look at the season differently now like, “Well we’re going to win our division, let’s stay healthy and energized for January”. It’s a dangerous theory but it’s possible.



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