Bill Belichick: Coach of the Baltimore Ravens?

23 years ago, Cleveland Browns head coach Bill Belichick was fired and the team was moved to Baltimore.

Today, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has won 6 Super Bowls and will go down as one of, if not then the greatest, football coach of all time.

But what if Belichick was never fired and transitioned with the Browns to become the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens?

After all, despite a turbulent, tyrannical start to his time with the Browns after cleaning house of many veteran players, Belichick led the Browns to a playoff victory in 1994 season against his future team the New England Patriots. By 1996, Art Modell fired Belichick and the Cleveland franchise was moved.

It is interesting to consider what the NFL would be like if Belichick became the first head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. For years, the Ravens have had stout defenses that have won them two championships. Some would argue that the 2000’s Ravens defenses could rival the 1980’s New York Giants defenses led by Belichick.

With the Patriots, Belichick has had some strong defenses and great defensive talents but he has never had a player close to Lawrence Taylor’s impact on his defenses. If Belichick were to stay with the Baltimore franchise, he could have coached the great Ray Lewis who could have been the his new LT. Belichick would also have had Ed Reed to solidify his secondary. This is not to discount many of the great Patriots that Belichick has had, but the talent on some of the 2000’s Baltimore teams could have given him the defenses reminiscent to the New York Giants teams.

Of course, no one will ever now what could have happened if Bill Belichick was the coach of the Baltimore Ravens but it is interesting to speculate.

I wonder how the Cleveland Browns feel about all of this…



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