An Extremely Subpar Blog on an Extremely subpar team

First off, I’d like to thank a special someone for the idea of this blog…so thank you.

Alright, so let’s talk a little about one of the most putrid franchises in sports- the New York Jets.

Yesterday they pulled off a great move, signing outside linebacker Anthony Barr to bolster their defense. However, hours later it was like the move never happened, because it didn’t.

It seems that Mr. Barr realized that he was making one huge mistake and he backed the hell out of there. It’s like when a guy goes to his new girlfriend’s apartment for the first time only to realize she’s an utter mess, a hoarder even, and runs like hell out of there.

Barr then resigned with Minnesota and even took a paycut to do so! Adding salt to the already fresh wound of all J-E-T-S fans out there.

My theory is that Barr went there for an interview and Adam Gase gave him the crazy eyes and totally weirded out the linebacker.

I will say though that the Jets have had a couple good signings so far with CJ Mosley, Kelechi Osemele, and Jamison Crowder. I have to give credit where credit is due but them losing out on Barr just makes us Pats fans laugh.


This blog post lived up to it’s title. It was the most subpar blog post of all time maybe and I couldn’t be any prouder of myself. Until next time….


PS: I just started watching the newly released Super Bowl LIII Champions blu-ray…so if you need me I’ll get back to you later.


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